Referring a friend or family member can be a great way to earn money from home!  A lot of places will give you money, credits, special deals, free food, and more, all for referring people you would normally want to know about their products anyways. If you’re looking to make money on the side, here’s a list of sites to get you started!

Earn money from home!

Updated: 11/1/2019


Airbnb is a website that lets travelers connect with people who rent out their personal space to guests, usually at a much cheaper rate than paying for a hotel. Airbnb has a great referral program! When you refer someone, they get a credit of $40 off a booking of $75 or more, and you’ll get a $30 booking credit once your referral completes their first booked stay. Also, Airbnb will give your referral a $15 credit off a $50 or more “Airbnb experience”. That’s a total savings of $55! Check out Airbnb and learn more here.


Coinbase is a great place to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, 0x Coin, Basic Attention Tokens, Dashcoin and a few other types of cryptocurrency. This is another site I’ve used personally for a few years, and they’ve never let me down! They have a good referral system: for each person you refer, you’ll earn $10 after they make a purchase of $100 or more, and they’ll get $10 too. Check out Coinbase and learn more here.


EatStreet is a popular food delivery service that was founded in 2010. They deliver food from local restaurants near you. Each person you refer to them will net you $3 when they place their first order. Check out EatStreet and learn more here.


Many people have heard of and used Groupon, but did you know you can earn money when you refer friends to them too?  Each friend or family member you refer nets you $10 in “Groupon Bucks” whenever they purchase their first deal. Find great local deals or national deals as Groupon saves you money on activities, travel, goods & services. Check out Groupon and learn more here.


Grubhub is another popular delivery service, this company started up in 2004. They have a really great referral deal. Every time you refer someone, you get $12 off a future order, and your referral gets $12 off of their first order of $15 or more! Check out Grubhub and learn more here.


Ibotta is a smartphone app that lets you earn cash back on both in-store and mobile purchases. This app works at certain grocery stores, retailers, and shops. You must have either a receipt as proof of purchase or purchase verification to be eligible for cash back. Currently, Ibotta gives you $10 after your referral completes their first “Brand Name” offer. Check out Ibotta and learn more here.


This is one of my personal favorites, both for the referral program AND their site in general.  Currently, Rakuten (formerly eBates) will give you $25 for each qualified person you refer, and will also give your referral $10 to get them started!  The site will give you money back for things you normally shop for anyways.  For instance, when I was adding a second line to my Sprint account, they gave me $40 back when I purchased a new phone and added a new line. Definitely a great way to earn money from home! Check out Rakuten and learn more here.

3 thoughts on “Refer-a-Friend”

  1. yeh, I’ve tried Honeygain together with Ibotta. With Honeygain I earn about 30$ a month and with Ibotta I save about 30$ a month. So in general, I get 60$ a month out of blue.
    Btw, Honeygain is cool to use because it’s a totally passive app, I mean what I have to do was just intall the app and leave it running in the background of my laptop.

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