Rakuten Is Giving You $10 To Sign Up

Right now (11/13/2019) and until the end of the year (12/31/2019), Rakuten will give you $10 Cash Back when you spend $25 or more on their site by shopping at various stores they partner with. Also, an additional bonus you get for joining is the ability to earn $25 for each person you refer! This is a great way to earn some quick money before Christmas, and who doesn’t need some additional income around the holidays?

Earn $10 from Rakuten when you join! Save on purchases you make online and in stores

Earn With Rakuten

Rakuten lets you earn Cash Back a few different ways. They include deals online, deals in stores, and referring friends. For the online deals, you can either make the purchase directly through their website or install their browser extension and find deals as you surf the web normally.

Earn Cash Back Through Online Deals

A personal example is when I went to add a line to my Sprint cellphone plan. When I went to sign-in at Sprint, the Rakuten extension on my Chrome browser popped up and alerted me that if I added a handset I would get $40 cash back. This was a nice bonus considering I was going to buy the phone regardless, and I did end up getting the money from Rakuten once I made the purchase. I have recently seen the bonus for adding a phone get as high as $135, too bad I don’t have a need for 3 lines.

Rakuten will give you $10 cash back  to join.
Right now you can get $10 Cash Back on a one-year Disney+ subscription and get $10 for joining Rakuten

Earn Money With In-Store Cash Back

To take advantage of in-store Cash Back with Rakuten, simply link the deal you want to your credit or debit card. Once you use that card that’s linked to make the purchase, you’ll automatically receive your cash back within a few hours to days. Make sure you use the card as credit to buy the deal. Using a pin number at the register will not count since this purchase type must be credit to be tracked and credited properly.

Using the Rakuten Browser Extension

Most people are wary of adding browser extensions, and I’m no different. I’m pretty picky about what I’ll add to my browser from outside parties. But I can say firsthand that the Rakuten extension is okay to have, and will save you money when you shop online. I have been notified by the extension about savings in the past while shopping for random things like car accessories at Advanced Auto, small items from Ali Express, the phone from Sprint I mentioned and a few others. This has saved me money by purchasing things I was going to buy anyways. It’s always a good idea to search on the site before buying something in general to see if there’s a deal on the item.

Refer your friends and family and earn $25 for each person that joins

Refer a Friend to Rakuten and Earn $25

Currently, each time you refer someone to Rakuten you’ll earn $25. The referred person will get a $10 bonus for joining once they spend $25 on a purchase through the site. Once the person you referred spends $25 you’ll receive a $25 bonus that you can cash out on your next Big Fat Check. This offer is good through the end of 2019.

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