How To Complete a Trial Offer on a Survey Site

“Trial offers” are a good way to make some easy money that can add up pretty quickly. They are quick to complete generally, and can offer pretty decent pay for the amount of time it takes to complete them. Next up, I’ll show you how to complete a trial offer on a survey site that I use pretty regularly to make profits from.

The example I’ll go through is at no cost to the user. Sometimes though, trial offers can cost you money upfront. You just have to make sure the amount you pay is less than what your net earnings will be afterwards. I have made a few hundred dollars in a few days several times throughout the years doing GPT trial offers. There were a good amount of offers to choose from when I was new to survey sites. There still are too, particularly when I haven’t done the current trials for awhile and have given the sites time to put up new ones.

DoorDash Trial Offer on SwagBucks – Complete 1 Trip and make $50

As of this writing there is a DoorDash trial offer on SwagBucks where if you take just 1 food delivery trip you will earn 5000 Swagbucks. This is enough points to cash out for a $50 Visa Gift Card!

DoorDash picture that can be completed as a trial offer.
Complete 1 restaurant delivery and receive enough points to cash out a $50 gift card.

One thing to note though for this offer is your earnings will be locked for 32 days. This gives the site enough time to make sure there is no fraud associated with the completed information. You will have to upload your personal documents just like any other ride sharing service like Uber for example. Keep that in my mind for the amount of time it will take to get this one completed from beginning to end.

Once you are approved to drive for DoorDash, the next step is take the required single delivery. The current pay structure is set up so the money you’ll receive is shown before accepting the trip. This will include both pay from DoorDash as well as any customer tips that were entered when the order was placed. When you complete the 1 trip, the offer will credit on SwagBucks.

We'll show you how to complete a trial survey.

Most trial offers are locked for a certain amount of time on survey sites. This example has a pending status of 32 days.

After waiting the required 32 days you should receive credit from SwagBucks. Then you are free to order your $50 Visa Gift Card, or any other gift card you might want. This is a quick and easy way to make money doing a trial offer.

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